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27: A few more details.

There are still two obscure cases disabled in hwtest that should be dealt with:

26: Branch delay slots

The first thing to be determined about branch delay slots is how long they are.

25: Bundles, pt. 2

Now let's think how to use the intra-bundle interactions to determine whether two instructions are in the same bundle.

24: Bundles, pt. 1

Now that we're going to be executing proper microcode (and not just submitting single instructions), it's time to look into two important things: bundles and branches.

23: Manually controlling the FIFO interface

We have basically exhausted the RE possibilities of manual instruction submission. I suppose DMA transfers could be REd that way too, but since their target assignments are very likely to depend on the microcode piece being executed (context switch or method), we're probably better off postponing it.